About Book Isle and Staff

BOOK ISLE was established in Stevens Point, Wisconsin USA in 1983 and was later purchased by Michele Patrykus. Friendship with Cy Korte developed into a working relationship selling BI's used book overstock and HTF books on the Internet in 1997.  BI expanded to include new books and some special items during the following years and finally launched eBookIsle domain on Labor Day, 2001.  We now have a complete web store at ebookisle.net / ebookisle.com.   In 2006 the Patrykus family purchased a building and BOOK ISLE now has a permanent home on Business Highway 51 (2212 Division Street) in Stevens Point.


Cy and Michele's friendship has evolved into 2 separate stores working together with Michele Patrykus at the brick store BOOK ISLE PAPERBACKS in Stevens Point and Cy Korte working from home in Wisconsin Rapids for the Internet store eBOOKISLE.  



BI has "FOR THE FUNd' section -- profits from items sold here are donated to our chosen charity (SPARTA Scholarship Fund and Wisconsin MS Society are among charities we support ... email us for more information -- or if you wish to donate items for sale to help BI's fund raising efforts)



MEET Cy Korte:

Before the age of "Terrible 2", the nic-name Cyanne Pepper was earned for a hot temper when frustrated. As the fuse of my temper lengthened with maturity, my nic-name was shortened to Cy [pronounced Ki]. I married in 1972 while in college to a unique man - obviously he's a keeper! OR maybe it is because he generally feels I need a keeper? ;-)


Our 2 sons have made their own home but remain as close as a call when we need help.  In November, 1998 Christopher was born; Sarah was born November 2001, Carol was born October 2005 and Teegan arrived April 2008 giving Tom & Bonnie a full house. Becky and Joe's daughter, Emily was born April 2002 and Faith arrived in April 2010.


I have worn many hats. Business college, various part-time jobs as my children have grown, managing our family's Mini-golf business and now eBOOKISLE (NEW & Used online book store) and also volunteer work has supplied varied and interesting life experiences. [I plead the 5th on any "war stories" you may have heard!] Presently 'semi-retirement' feels better than expected and we are enjoying the schedule flexibility if not the medical restrictions. Chuck's diagnosis of Progressive MS has affected all of the family - it is not only Chuck who has learned to cope.






I live a quiet life... or as quiet as it can be living on the family farm with two sisters and caring for award winning show bunnies, horses, ducks, dogs and barn cats.  My time at BOOK ISLE is enough city life for me!  I purchased BOOK ISLE from a friend and several years later we purchased a building and moved the store to its permanent home.  Being a diabetic while working across the street from Belt's Ice Cream can be quite a challenge!  As the song says: "I get by with a little help from my friends" 


I do not have internet access and I trust to Cy to bring emails and other online information to me.  It's not that I am not interested, I just need an interpreter when it comes to electronics.  (Cy does that well)  We appreciate the promotional items sent and offer them as FREE BONUS GIFTS with purchase of author's books.  After a bit we move any GIFT items into 'FOR THE FUNd' section to share the author's generousity to support local charities.





BI has 1 resident feline remaining -- Her previous furry friends are with the Lord. Foxy... meal time is 5 p.m. and 'MEOW' to anyone who delays delivery of our meal!  Books are great, but cat food is more important!


Terry: Michele's niece and resident artist occasionally helps at the store.  Terry works in the loft above the store painting and making pottery.  You can see her works displayed in BI's store windows and other shops around town. 


Katie: Beloved retiree who has been with BI before Michele purchased the store.  Katie is a book lover and 'snowbird' who works at BI as needed when she returns to Wisconsin for the summer.

Assorted Family members: work behind the scenes assisting Cy and Michele when needs must -- we thank our Friends and Family for taking time from their own busy schedules to help keep things run smoothly.