The Mystery of Tarot

The Mystery of Tarot

By: Dean, Liz

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9.30 X 6 X 0.60 inches; 160 pages; Tarot is a secret system of symbols that have been used by politicians, heretics, concubines, gypsies, psychologists, occultists and kings in the West for almost six hundred years. Today, Tarot is increasingly used as a form of spiritual counsel and for positive affirmations and meditation. This book empowers the reader by revealing the knowledge that each card brings, and how each reading can give a dynamic and contemporary understanding of events, personalities and relationships. The Mystery of Tarot uncovers the mystic traditions of Tarot, and explains the Tarot-reading techniques with which they can be associated. Included is Kaballah, and how the Tarot cards relate to the central symbol of Kaballah, the Tree of Life; the Celtic and Grail traditions and the links with the cup cards, or grail chalices; numerology, the elements, astrology, gypsy readings and psychology also give different approaches that will broaden the reader's understanding of how the cards can operate. There are ten specific spreads to follow, along with sample readings, and an extensive interpretation for each Tarot card in the upright and reversed position. The reader can also look up key Tarot symbols that appear on the Major Arcana cards, such as the snake (wisdom) and the dog (instinct). For the Minor Arcana, attention is paid to interpreting the 'people', or Court, cards, as these are often stumbling blocks for the new reader. The emphasis throughout is on a holistic reading - not just reading the meaning of an individual card, but seeing them as a story or journey of life that together give the reader or a friend a clear picture of the past, present and future.

Title: The Mystery of Tarot

Author Name: Dean, Liz

Categories: Tarot,

Publisher: CICO Books: 2003

ISBN #: 1903116775

ISBN # 13: 9781903116777

Binding: Paperback

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